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Shama Ghana

Shama Ghana
Wednesday, August 16, 2006

4500 Cedi from Tokoradi to Shama
Shama is about a one-hour or maybe a little more trip from Tokoradi, it is 15 minutes if you had a car, but by small van or big bus, getting on and off, finding the buses, or whatnot can take longer than the trip.
I paid 4500 Cedi, in an over packed but maybe faster because it did not stop for every person walking by van. I got here and I see a big yellow, very nice bus that says, 3000 flat rate on the bus and it goes directly from Tokoradi to the center of Shama, it does not drop you off on the road 4 Kilometers from the center of Shama. I do not know where this bus came from, but one has a big sign on it, Tokoradi. Big, yellow and modern, the best buses I have seen so far, more of an inner city transit bus than a long-trip with storage bus.

Shama is nice, has a small but in the center, close to water old Portuguese Fort that is nice, quaint, and small village feel. The children fall me around constantly hollering.
- Abroni -
Or White Man in English, but this is the Fanci language, they say Fancy to me, and not Fanti, but that is my hearing.

Shama Ghana