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Safely Remove Hardware

Safely Remove Hardware
Aflao Ghana
Monday, August 28, 2006

I have a 2 Gig USB Mass Storage Device…. Hehehe

I have a small chip thingy, I plug into my computer that I can use to record all my typing on, then remove, carry around, take to another computer and use. It is about the size of a small pack of chewing gum, however, shorter, skinnier, but you get the idea Mom.

There is little picture, that pops up and says, or tells me about you can
- Safely Remove Hardware -

I do not know how to,
- Safely Add Hardware -

I just do not know, but maybe I should be paying attention. I have 3 of these USB ports, I have the choice, and I have three places where I can put my thumb drive, my flash drive, or my memory stick. I can put that pack of chewing gum in one of the slots.

I use the middle always, I find it helps the machine to remember my launch links, however, I have been for about one-two years, just ignoring the,
- Safely Remove Hardware -

Actually for the first two USB memory sticks I owned, I never even noticed the little picture and explanation. Someone got upset and stopped me from removing a USB by just pulling it out.

I am slowly isolating or removing possible problems. I will make a deal with myself to only remove the USB memory chip by do this safe.

I have all these stupid programs that try to connect to the internet and seem to never stop. I am having a memory problem; it locks or freezes the computer.

PROGRAMS I am trying to control.
- I want it to not to auto try to connect, it looks like it continually tries to connect. -
- Networks, my wifi and LAN is disenabled now, I will keep it off, unless I have a direct connection.
- Talk, I finally got it shut off.
- Yahoo Messenger, I want to leave it one, but will shut if off, so it does not auto try to connect when I turn on the computer.

All these programs, that need the internet to work, seem to continuously try to connect; maybe they are using vital glitch resources.

Sadly, this is almost all trial and error, nothing works until I can figure out what the problem is, or learn by accident.

There is always a danger in traveling in countries where there is not an extremely huge brain. Yes, every techie in every internet café thinks he knows how to fix my computer, but my experience is, it the person is not so extremely intelligent that is pours out of their brain, do not let some third world hack touch my computer. I am as good as 90 percent and the other 9 percent are irresponsible.

A computer is easiest to repair by replacing…

People dream of traveling around, using the internet, connecting, I know of very few that succeed, some do for a very short time a few months, or they live in a different place. Traveling, carrying a computer, without an unlimited bank account and a corporate IT section to keep you running is difficult. I need a huge corporate IT department, to fix my computer, clean, fix, and allow me or pay me to return to the USA or Germany on a regular basis… gong, not going to happen.

Typing and logging, blogging, a diary helps me to clear my brain; I know the benefit of taking some abstract brainwave and transforming them into English words on a computer. I may see problem, ideas, see inconsistencies, in congruencies, and see the errors of my ways, a great way to brainstorm, if the computer does not freeze.

Safely Remove Hardware