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Removing Norton Anti-Virus Program

2006-08-21 03:46:00

Removing Norton Anti-Virus Program
Cape Coast Ghana
Monday, August 21, 2006

Three weeks ago, I renewed my Norton Anti-Virus program. It turned on many configurations that has harmed my computer and stopped me from using my computer. It is worst than a virus, it makes me feel that all is ok then I discover later my computer did not perform the task.

I send emails, the Norton Anti-Virus program stops the Foxmail program from sending, however shows that is it is sent. I have been using this program for 10 years, I know how it works. The Norton turned on Microsoft updates and now my computer is locking. I discovered it did this too late, I am hoping that restore removes these Microsoft updates. I do not update my computer with the live updates, the hurt my computer more than they help. I am having many problems with memory crashes; the resources that Norton used seemed to eat the whole computer memory.

The only way I could use my computer was to exit the program and it would turn itself back on, it is impossible to use, and dangerous in my opinion to data, a computer and programs. It is invasive and not passive.

This is the 2006 version, I have removed and I am finding it has little things running to remove in about 3-4 locations, it is not one thing to remove it is multiple. Amazing, it is the virus, it has infected my computer, I am hoping my computer will stop locking; I am in the big brain computer countries of the planet.

Change is always dangerous to a computer, if it working, adding something can only make it confused, a confused computer has a clash, locks, and stops.

36 dollars or something lost.

Removing Norton Anti-Virus Program