Possible to Backpack Africa

Possible to Backpack Africa
Shama Ghana
Thursday, August 17, 2006

Is it possible that West Africa become some new South America backpacker trip, sometimes I think?
- Yes for sure. -
Then I think,
- Hmm, I had better be careful, there are some real booby-traps in these countries that does not exist in South America. -

Thailand and Southeast Asia is so safe, hard to have a problem in these areas, thus continually more travelers or tourist dressed like backpacker, now becoming trolley travelers.

Yes, for sure I think as far as this trip proceeds, there is no reason to not take a one circle path I can see and smell.

This above circle, although as presently not traveled by me is tentatively I believe an easy trip. The Visa are quick in Abidjan, with the Visa Entente. I am going to try to sniff a little of Nigeria, the Visa is easy or difficult, who knows. The talk of the danger of Nigeria is rampant; however, I see or hear from many West Africa that Nigeria is modern and rich. It seems to produce a lot of music and leads West Africa in new ideas or movements. Not clear, more of an instinctual perception.

Possible to Backpack Africa