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Photos of Africa

2006-08-19 06:17:00

Photos of Africa
Cape Coast Africa
Saturday, August 19, 2006

Placing photos of Africa in my blog is difficult, I do this more when I feel or know I can do it the next day for sure. I do not know if I will have internet tomorrow, therefore hard to say to myself, do the work and put the photo into the blog.

Where are the photos…? ALL Photos I take are always in the newsletter, 100 percent of the photos end up in pages of my newsletters. Reading only the blog does not give you the 100 percent story, you must subscribe to the newsletter.

I am deliberating whether to put the links to the photos in the blog, seems sort of silly, however the RSS reader only people are ludicrously paranoid, they need to be control. I am thinking about how to make money, putting links in the blogs to pages of photos will make me more money maybe than trying to get subscribers to the newsletter.

This is a business decision, not a how to make life easy for readers decision. I believe the smart thing for my family, Mother and Father is to subscribe to my newsletter, it comes in their email box, there is no work on their part, they can read or not read. The RSS stuff is too complicated for my mother and father, plus I cannot read RSS feeds, they are almost worthless to a traveler, too much work for the amount or pleasure.

However, I subscribe to about anybodies newsletter if I want, I am not afraid of junk mail, seems like a natural part of life. I must always in my life separate the good from the bad. To exclude the bad is to for sure exclude too much good, I will read the needle in the haystack, I will not destroy the haystack, I will preserve it so I can find the needle.

The bottom line is this, if you want to see photos, subscribe to the newsletter, it is your best option by far. However, the blog has most opinions, and is daily.

Photos of Africa