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Philippines Work on Africa Oil Pipeline

2006-08-14 04:49:00

Philippines Work on Africa Oil Pipeline
Tokoradi Ghana
Friday, August 11, 2006

I was being curios, drank a Fanta at the snobby German Restaurant next to the Mosden. Asked a person about timber, he said there is only 10 people here and there used to be 100. They misunderstood most of what I said, but then one said, they have an oil line that Americans are working on.

The one German says,
- They have Philippines workers. -

On the United Nations HDI - Human Development Scale the Philippines is rated 83.
Ghana is 131...
Why does a country need to import workers from the Philippines to work on a pipeline in Ghana or Africa? The English skills are about the same here as Philippines, half as good, but would work for labors.

Not a good sign for Africa when they bring labor from a more highly developed country to work in a lower developed country for labor. Development is about culture, more than about having money. You can give any culture money; it will not improve unless some fundamental culture changes happen first.

Philippines Work on Africa Oil Pipeline