Perception of Clean

Perception of Clean
Lome Togo
Monday, August 28, 2006

My room in Aflao at the Pameke Hotel was obviously not so clean, but the price was fair for 45,000 Cedi or 4.50 U.S. Dollars.

I am in this French place, the manager appears to be White, French or something and his pants need pulled up.

I am sitting at the bar, trying to day,
Omelets avec Fromage.
Egg with Cheese
They gave me soft bread, no toast.

Ok, the man is cleaning the beer tap, I am watching, he is a good guy and speaks more English than most, and more than the French boy will…

The place is clean, it is nice, it is bright, it is what all the white men want here, a clean place…. Hehehe

The man is trying to clear the hoses of beer.
He puts his mouth on the hose and blows it out, I say,
- That was hygienic -
He looks, and then looks away… I caught you… Hehehe

This is the point, clean to me, clean to a German; clean to maybe, a French person is different. I do not see the French as clean, the Germans more, and the English about the same as the USA. And the Australians are first world.

However, we go into a hotel on the other side of the planet. IF this hotel had all the cleaning persons, staff from some middle class, upper clean level of the USA, maybe I would say, yep, it is sterile clean.

But no hot water, no good soap, and they clean, just like they do at home in the country. Just because they are working in a French Hotel, does not mean they clean up to French standards; however, this probably was up to French standards… Hehehe

He put his mouth on it and blew on the beer hose… hehehe

What you get for more money is an appearance of clean, not clean. I am dwelling lately on why I do not get sick. This Dutch girl Loes is in Ghana for six weeks and gets Typhoid. I am travel for 9-10 years and do not get sick from one of these water or food borne problems. I get diarrhea for sure, but do not lie around in hospitals.

I think it is this, I look beyond the appearance of clean, I do not trust anyone, I watch, I inspect, I expect to eat fresh food, I eat fresh food, and for sure, think garbage disposal try everything eating is a perfect way to get many diseases or microbes, bacteria, virus or whatever you call the problem things we cannot see.
This is the point, we cannot see, and looking clean, does not mean clean. The price for more is normally just to look clean, and I still have a hole in my bed sheet.

Nothing is perfect, and that is normal, I would faint, and then go home to the USA if the place was perfect, because I would be closer to home, might as well go home. I travel to see less than perfect, or as far away as possible normally.

Hmm, I better try to add the not-a-word Frenchie to my computer spell checker…

Perception of Clean