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Noe Elubo Ghana Ivory Coast Border

2006-08-14 03:42:00

Noe Elubo Ghana Ivory Coast Border
Elubo Ghana
Wednesday, August 9, 2006

- Yellow Fever
- Ghana Visa - I got 60 days in Ghana
- The name of Hotel you will stay, (Pick a name)
- The name of City you go to.
- Fill out a border Crossing or Entry Form.
- Get you Ivory Coast Exit Stamp.

A person crossing the border is stamped out of Ivory Coast or also the same country Cote d Ivoire and then enters immediately Ghana Immigration. I guess I needed a taxi, to go from the Ivory Coast immigration at the extremely small place of Noe, Ivory Coast to the larger border crossing of Elubo, Ghana. I had a visa, the only complication was the man wanted an exact address where I would stay in Ghana, I pulled out Lonely Planet and told him a Hotel. I need the Yellow Fever book, and they checked it. No cost and no bribes, the taxi driver charged 2000 CFA or 4 dollars U.S. to take me through the border. He continually ask me to put my bag in the trunk, however I carried the bags and never separated. I am told by the Lonely Planet guide not to trust any of the moneychangers in the streets.

The whole process is about the same entering from Guatemala into Chapis Mexico, all the same type of question, and just wait and go. Not a big problem and nobody tried to get a bribe. Biggest problem I had was with the taxi driver giving me the White - Black crap,
- You do not trust black people. -
I said,
- I do not give a shit what color your are, I do not trust taxis at borders. -

He tried for 5000 CFA to take me to the Hotel, I ended up paying 1000 and the whole cost of the Taxi was 3000 to get to the Hotel. I am not sure if the hotel is ok or not, I paid 4000 CFA and the kid gave me back 1000. I still have no Cedi or Ghana money and the owners of the hotel only speak French inside of Ghana. The name is Omidi or something; the room is ok, cold water, fan, concrete, no cover, normal stand worldwide. One light bulb, a little strange it has a lounge couch chair. I have to sit on the stool sideways, normal in the world, I do not think.

It appears the only hotels are on the Elubo side or the Ghana side. I met an American Missionary from Kansas who said I could go to Cape Coast of something in 6 hours and be safe.
- I thought to myself arrive in the dark in a new country is not safe in a new city. -

I got a room in Elubo, all is safe, who knows, but life is good.

Noe Elubo Ghana Ivory Coast Border