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No Alcohol Cooker in Ivory Coast

2006-08-12 03:52:00

No Alcohol Cooker in Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast - Cote d-Voire

I cook with alcohol in my room in many countries.

I am amazed, I have been trying to find rubbing alcohol to use to cook canned vegetables. I finally found some today in a Pharmacy, and the price was 5 Dollars or 2500 CFA for about a pint bottle or less. There is Sugar Cane grown around here, I see it all the time, in countries with Sugar Cane it should be very cheap. Sugar can ferment alcohol extremely fast; it would be cheaper to make my own.

I want to cook in my room, gas is too dangerous, and there are not little propane tanks or whatever, the only good fuel is alcohol or electricity. Hmm, I did see a hot plate the other day, I will buy that. I have not even seen a restaurant that would even be close to me wanting to enter. There are many bars or places to drink. It is possible; I could buy some 150 Proof Liquor and use it cheaper than alcohol to cook. I will check the price; there are enough drunks and liquor sold here.

In Islamic countries it very difficult to buy Alcohol at least in a store, however this is only a small amount of Islamic persons in this area of Ivory Coast.

I have the thought that the cost of medicine is controlled by the country of France and they are really gouging. I will try to do my price study; the authorities though are not so friendly. I mean anyone in authority or a boss, they seem annoyed.

No Alcohol Cooker in Ivory Coast