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Niger is Closer

Niger is Closer
Tokoradi Ghana
Sunday, August 13, 2006

I am working slowly on a project.

I was in Niger last year, it was disturbing to me, that so many kids were dying, yet nobody could answer my question.
- What foods do they need to grow to be healthy? -

I used to think or thought, what does internet pages have to do with research or serious scientific study? Now, I am thinking it is like a business, super organized and amplified. If you go to the start a business, do this, be an entrepreneur, etc, type noise you will always hear.
- Write a business plan. -

I think writing a business plan can be silly; however, to work continually an ever growing, continually progressing business plan makes sense. A company or business slowly, 99 percent not on paper, learns what works, and does not work, then continues to clarify the good from the bad. When it gets bigger, it sees it needs to explain this to workers; therefore, it starts to make a paper explanation of what is going on, then humorously the business get so big they start to make more reports than work…. Hehehe until the bureaucracy starts to kill them.

1. An Internet Site is a lot of information typed into a computer, hopefully in an organized way, on a specific subject.

2. Research is a lot of information typed into a computer, hopefully in an organized way, on a specific subject.

A web site cannot evade making a business plan, the site is the business plan implemented.

I can evade though thinking, what works and what does not work, what are the solutions and what are not, what helps and what does not.

I do not like to type about it, I do not like to explain about all the internet sites I am working on and now other people are starting to be involved. We hired a person from Ukraine, and he is working well. I now have three people actively working on stuff. I like the word stuff and thingy.

We collect massive amounts of information, and then we will transliterate the information into a web site. I have learned this is research of the most strict and regimented manner.

I am approaching slowly Niger, I need to focus on making a good set of questions I wish answered while I am there roaming around.

Niger is Closer