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Money We Need Money

2006-08-12 03:45:00

Money We Need Money
Banoua Ivory Caost - Cote d-Voire

Tuesdays August 8, 2006

On Monday, a man explained to me speaking good English how Europe needs to give money to Ivory Coast to help them. I said, Ivory Coast needs to work, they do not need money.

Somewhere along the line, this jerk has learned or thinks he is entitled to money free. I told him a person that works has money, however he pointed at the mayor of Banoua and says he has money, his is a big man. I asked why he has money,
- Look he has a motorcycle. -

I said,
- No, how did he earn the money. -
He says,
- He has big house, a big car. -

I am annoyed, the man is not capable of seeing that maybe there is a connection between big money and big work. He wants the lottery, a brain problem that is affecting the planet. Not a clear connection that a person gets big money for big work. Of course he has had frightened people walk up and give him money because he has guilt extorted money from them before. Guilt or the middle class idea that I need to help persons was lost many moons ago, I could care less that a person needs money, I say,
- Get a job -

Contrary to any stupid fantasy of the world of givers, I believe these countries like Ivory Coast are bonanza of opportunities. Massive amounts of cheap labor, needs out the whazoo and one-sixth the planet who will by junk. Find a cheap product to mass-produce and sell to the planet, knock off public officials who put their hands in their pockets.

Obviously, Mercedes Benz and Peugeot see they can sell them anything, believe it or now, I see a many Mercedes Benz, SUVs and all sorts of way too expensive cars here. The same boy and a girl that wanted money had the cell phone in their hands, hard to feel like giving to a person chatting on a cell phone. I give to people with legs missing not to nicely dressed jerks.

Money We Need Money