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Money Banoua Western Union

2006-08-12 03:41:00

Money Banoua Western Union
Cote d-Voire - Ivory Coast Banoua
Tuesday August 8, 2006

I successfully took two hours of Internet time and sent money from myself to myself, I am told I will be able to pick up the money today Tuesday. Yesterday was Independence Day in Ivory Coast or I would have been able to do it I think the same day or just a few minutes after sent. I am experimenting with this type of money transfer. I do not need the money now, but if I do need money, I want to know whether this source of receiving money is open.

Western Union is in more places than are ATM Machines.
It requires Internet access to do, although they say on the Western Union site I can send money by telephone. Theoretically I could call, which is normally possible anywhere, pick up the money at a Western Union.

PROBLEM with this system is I must designate the country and the city where it is to be received. I do no know the city where I will live in the future, the Western Union says, anywhere in the world. However, it means, I have to say the place in the world maybe. I do not know what happens if I try to pick up the money sent to Ivory Coast in Togo. It would be great to send the money and pick up about 20 days from now in Benin when I need it, it would be like a bank account waiting for me. I suppose it may be possible as being the sender to change the pick up location however, who knows. These systems are not for proactive happy persons, they are made for a person who will do about anything to receive the money including waiting for days for it to work. If I go to the bank today and the money is not given to me, I will just keep on moving to the next city and eventually take the money back to myself.

The also want a number to call in the event there is a problem, the account in in my father name, thus the number is in his name. I am hoping he understand to always say yes, he sent the money. This convoluted methodology is complicate, hard to remember and he is 74 years old. Not the best quick on his feet remember the rules type of person. Moreover, so many obnoxious telephone callers in the USA, he just is rude and jumps before listening as is normal for USA people answering the telephone.

So far, they have not called and check, the IP number could have been checked because it asked where it was being sent from or the telephone. The whole system has some small security bugs, and is not made for a person like me to use, it is really made for a person inside the USA, living in the USA to use, not a person in another country. I suspect in the future, Western Union will close the one security gap, however really they should open way for travelers to pick up money and it would be wonderful travel tool. I wish it were possible to easily get a person with a brain in these big companies to pick up a phone and talk. I am sure I could call a thread of phone calls for hours at Western Union trying to get a very good recommendation to them across and just hit bureaucracy. I do not find that suggestions are easy to give to large companies. In fact, even in my own company, a person hits many obstacles, not that many people want to help, 99 percent want to take, not help or offer solutions. The blog is my best hope of solutions to be offered and it does have some answers provided to me, however mixed with some very harsh, not helpful to anybody comments. Talk to have an audience comments are prevalent.

Money Banoua Western Union