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Lome Hotel

Lome Hotel
Lome Togo
Monday, August 28, 2006

The women in the Hotel was wrong, there is no way to take one Taxi from the hotel all the way to Lome or the hotel in Lome. I took a group taxi for 2500 Cedi, and then walked across the short border, it is not long. Then got mobbed by taxi driver, one who wanted 1500 CFA or 3 dollars U.S.

He took me about three blocks, and then turned off the main road onto a dirty road; I was expecting to go on tar road for at least 5 minutes or more than a walk. He kept turning left, right, and down paths, I decided to get in my bag and grab my knife. I know that someday and hopefully and it was not today a taxi driver will take me down a street; his friends will jump out and rob me.

IT was not today.

Nevertheless, just in case, I got out my knife, ready to make them know, I was ok, and they was not.

He takes me to the Chez Mammy… I am absolutely clueless if this is or was the Chez Mammy. There was no sign on the door, I could not get the idiots at the door to even let me in to ask, and they did not or would not say the name. I pushed through when I saw, a brain dead white girl. I said,
- What is the name of this Hotel? -
She said,
- Chez Mammy -

However, remember, she is brain dead, no expression, seems to be stupid beyond belief. Hard to imagine how White people, Black people can be so apathetic. But the way of the world, be stupid, do not care, only talk on cell phone and listen to music, the brain has stopped.

Ok, I am looking for the Ave de Duisberg as I wrote it down in my guide, the streets, both directions; I went and showed the taxi driver does not say this street.

I checked my NEW Lonely Planet, the Lonely Planet Africa, I scanned, Ave de Duisberg is correct and Chez Mammy is correct. I seem to be having a literacy problem. They have a difficult time with the written words.

Nonetheless, I did not feel like paying the taxi more money to go to a place, I do not know. I could not get a clear, how much, how far, where to go from the man. I knew where a main highway was, and went and walked done it. I asked for the Maluwi Hotel or something another hotel from my 7-year-old West Africa guidebook. Well, about 8 people were clueless, as they read the name of hotel and street, probably 5 could not read though.

I saw 2 internet cafes on one corner.

OK, a good benchmark, I walked in, nobody stuck up his or her head, nobody raised their eyes. I stood there for 2 minutes, I have two huge bags on, and I do not walk around in internet cafes or Cyber Cybar Cafes here as I am like a cow.

I walk out; I go talk to two pretty dresses, the same dress, but two girls. They seem good, a man and then the girls point straight. I ask the man how much the hotel was, he says, and knows… hehehe 5000 CFA, the price is really 8000, but nonetheless, he has a clue, amazing.

I am in something called the Gajan, on Rue Haito or something.

THE computer FROZE… Again.

I am on a Ctrl S mode all the time now… SAVE
I moved the computer, I think there is a lose connection of faulty something.

OK, I am in this Frenchie Hotel for 8 thousand, he gave me a huge room, seems to think I should be happy to have a huge room for the price of 8000.

I never can understand what hotel owners or managers think, I do no know the value of the room. I especially cannot tell you the value of the room until I see it, and no point in explaining much. Tell me you cheapest room, and I will go look. Then I will tell you if the price is fair.

Togo, I think is going to be French Inflated high like Cote d’Ivoire, and more or less one-third more on a steady basis than Ghana. I am paying 16 U.S. Dollars, the room is ok, concrete, tilt windows, Dutch type plug, and that is nice, leave behind them every problem English plugs.

The Hotel seems to like to be a bar first and a hotel second and every one except the man from Ghana was too busy…

There is this black person idiosyncrasy, I am wondering if they got if from the French. Because the Frenchie in the hotel, except for the one patron, seem or act.
- What do you want, why do you enter my place, or more like I will ignore you, if you want something beg. -

I have on 2 very large backpack, not so big really, but I am strong, I have on two bags, front and back. I must want something or their brains have also stopped, a person does not walk into any building with 2 large backpacks and not want to ask a question.

The French do not like to talk English, so I talked English to the man, he answered… hehehe

You have to push on through sometimes to the other side…
- The Doors -

The man came and showed me the room, a black man, nice, laughs a lot, I clear the door and he says,
- Cest Bon -
Or OK?

I say in abrupt English, the object is to look at the room, how in the F could a person know, until he looked. I POINT my finger at my eyes, and look around, universal hand language for I need to look first.

Ignorance is bliss….

15 dollars is too much for any room in Africa, but I really have no choice, I will blame in on the Peace Corps.

The man that showed me the room asked me in good English,
- Are you in the Peace Corps. -

Translated to me is this, there are too many Peace Corps in this country and everyone is in the Peace Corp, he should have been asking if I am American or something. Where are all the tourist in Africa?

Ok, the Peace Corps are young, not so swift, become swift youths from America, on somewhat a paid by the USA budget, like to hang around in certain hotels. The Chez Mammy is the place according to the Acronym the LP or Lonely Planet.

OK. The Chez Mammy is full of young girls standing in front, I did not enter and the place is brain dead from the outside, not even a sign to see…. However, I did not stay there for hours looking, I could not enter.

I believe a good or great hotel helps a person to find a room, even if not in their hotel. Full is not a good answer, it is a we give no service answer.

I went and plugged the fan into the walk in the room of the Gadjan or something like that in French. The man finally plugs in, I am trying to be polite, he plugs in, I think… OK, turn it on….
- You can do..-

I need to test the fan, check the windows, see the door, it has not been kicked in, and this is good. I get the fan on; he cannot see that checking a fan means it must be on, blowing air.

My room is painted white, I like this, makes it feel bigger or happy. Lots of dirt on the wall, but SAP - Standard Operating Procedure in West Africa, I do not see how all the hotel walls in the world can get so dirty.

The hotel is good, I ate an omelet with Fromage, the woman working does not like to smile, the Ghana man is great, the French boy is always on the phone and cannot help himself, he is French. The patron from France was great.

The seem to think asking for butter was a bother, come on, I know the French eat butter. However, I do think the training to ignore or pretend we are too cool to talk was taught by the French… hehehe

I like the Baguette, after that I am worried about them, like a bunch of Spanish people who have not been told they are Spanish. Latinos…

Ok, I am happy, paying too much on a world money scale for room, but I know where the internet café is located. Cyber Café here.

Lome Hotel