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Lodging or Mission

2006-08-25 07:22:00

Lodging or Mission
Apam Ghana
Thursday, August 24, 2006

I had a man working outside the King Pobee or more or less sitting with his friends doing nothing in front of a business center, this make me laugh, but he asked,
- Are you lodging or a mission? -

English here in Ghana sucks; it is never just simple, I can never assume words have the same meaning as me, or even the Brits. The English is used, and never checked against a big population of persons who use English. One person rather learns English and he or she is the only one in the area at his or her proficiency level.

This is the first time I have heard the word Mission, maybe he is referring to missionaries, or religious person who wish to convert Christians to Christians in this area, I am making a joke, everyone around Ghana so far seems to be Christians, hard to have a need for Christian Missionaries.

I speculate that 99 percent of the persons in Ghana are here with an excuse or already decided reason. Something to do with helping or working with the Ghana people. I have yet to see anyone that needed help or seriously needed help, the straight line beggars here are at a minimum. Food is everywhere, I do think the girls having babies and not being married could be a huge problem, bad food groups is a problem maybe, however hard to help this, and the mothers having babies is strange.

Mission, I need to ask this boy, maybe I will be lucky and on my escape this morning he will be out sitting and talking again. I am happy that massive drinking does not seem to be normal as it is in most countries.

Lodging or Mission