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Loading my French Gun

2006-08-03 11:52:00

Loading my French Gun

I am in full-scale attack on the French Language; however, I need tools, weapons and protection from the people that already know French. It is amazing how everyone believes that talking more will help. People will go into elaborate explanations on a word, or how to say a word. More than one word spoken slowly and it sounds like gibberish to me.

I learn Spanish, I can learn French, here is my arsenal of phrase, and I must learn to pronounce correctly. Then when they want to bomb me with words, I can control the war.

For Example, I will point at a rock and say,
- Comment tu dis -
(How do you say?)

Strange as it seems, people in the whole world, not just here, will say,

I need to point again, and say,
- Comment tu dis en Français -
(How do you say in FRENCH?)

This goes on and on, I then can slowly write the word, ask them to repeat the word, will really lack of empathy persons, I can say,
Parole seulement un mot.
(Say only one word)

I skip the pleases, because for one thing, people do not say please, plus it make there two focuses. I just want help; I do not need to ask please. I may at the start, then I for sure say thank you a few times.

I will often get people to write down word, I have to take care with this, because many people cannot write, or spell, or use paper. If they do not take it from my hands, I do not push. I will look up in the dictionary a word, point at the French word, and often they have no idea. Taxing, and not easy, but slowly progress can be made. I know I can suffer by learning a mix of local words, and French words, however as I am changing people and countries fast, I do not think a big problem. I will actually learn many variants of the same word, how or ways of thinking it.

This is my present arsenal of word weapons, I bet the computer does not like them accent marks in French.

Note, this is probably only close, not correct, I am using a computer translation program to create this starter list.

How do you say? Comment tu dis OR
How do you say in French? Comment tu dis en Français

What is this? - ------------------Qu'est-ce que c'est ?
How do you call this?- --------Comment appelles-tu ceci ?
Write it please ------------------Écrivez-le
How do you spell it? ----------Comment l'orthographies-tu ?
Point at it please. --------------Point à lui
What is the name of this?----Quel est le nom de ceci ?
Dictionary ------------------------Dictionnaire
Talk Slow Please --------------Entretien Lent
Repeat the word----------------Répéter le mot
Say only one word ------------ Parole seulement un mot
I cannot hear you---------------Je ne peux pas t'entendre
One person speak-------------Une personne parle

This all started, because I needed to learn how to say, talk slow, please say a word, or repeat the word. I need to stop them from all talking at one time, and when they do not look in my eyes, very difficult, or mumble.

Sometimes, I get people in other countries who are bound and determined I understand them, completely oblivious to the me saying in French, I do not understand. I then pull out the cannon and shoot. I start talking away in English very fast, asking them question, making them feel the exact way they feel. This brings them to a stop.

Literacy is higher here in Ivory Coast near the big city of Abidjan, I know when I get into poor areas the French will disappear and the before colonization will reappear. However, when I have no choice but to ram some French words down a taxi driver, because they cannot read directions. Then I know, I need to speak French. Last year when I was in Niger, I think about 15 percent of the people could read. Reading is highly over rated as a need to live, I personally do not see it of much value for the average Joe Blow, numbers are needed, but reading a books is not common on the planet, or there would be more books sitting around.

Loading my French Gun

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