Lights Out Ghana

Lights Out Ghana
Tokoradi Ghana
Thursday, August 10, 2006

It is about 7:00 at night, the lights have just went off, I am glad I have a lights out procedure and know how to retrieve my small key chain flashlight. My seven-year-old Lonely Planet West Africa explained this; I was hoping they could make changes in 7 years.

This Mosden Hotel here in Tokoradi, Ghana does not seem to have a generator. I can work maybe one hour on the computer, then totally lights out. I need to find some candles, I have not seen any sold yet, and I would have nabbed them as I ejected any weight that could be normally purchased locally. I am slowly restocking many heavy items. I go heavy all the time, when the world has one-dollar taxis, hard to want to carry a bag for a distance.

I saw some oil or kerosene wick type tin can lights yesterday, but they are messy and only good for long stays.

I have nothing better to do; I will take a walk to find some candles. I have a lighter already, not a heavy item. Annoying to me is the price of rubbing alcohol; I hope it went down from 5 dollars a pint to a reasonable price of 50 cents as normal. I want to cook, in the Amelia Hotel, which I have already reserved, in the center of business area, but quieter, it has a kitchen the boy Joshua says I can use. This is great, a much better location, I just walk out the door and buy cheap water. I am somewhat isolated in the Mosden, I think the one Writer like the hotel because it has parking. I am thinking I need to keep in mind how a writer travels. Public transportation is what I consider safe and standard, even though many African tourists drive overland.

I met a guy in South America that drove around Africa, I was impress, he and his girlfriend was driving around South America, that is much more difficult I think than Africa, I think Africa would be easier to drive maybe than Europe in a way, not as many laws to obey. Hard to say, it is the only continent where I see foreigners many time have cars. The missionary, and of course a Missionary has a car, but the missionary from Kansas the other day had a car. NGO’s always have big Toyota Land Rover, they go first class, at the cost to buy a village, or they do not go.

Time to go look for candles, my book is getting good.

Lights Out Ghana

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