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Liberia Isekiri Tribe Face Tattoo

2006-08-05 02:24:00

Liberia Isekiri Tribe Face Tattoo

The people of West Africa mark themselves by putting small cuts on their faces, sometime quite large. This girl has two small cuts, she says she is from the Isekiri Tribe of the country of Liberia.

I do not know the name of these skin cuts, however as you travel around in Africa it is easy to see, however difficult to learn about. You can learn the tribe, however I am not able to have them explain well, plus I feel they often try to hide them, as if to say,
- I am modern person, this does not exist. -

I see it as a good and bad thing. I like cultural pride, however any form of mark, weather Christian Crosses, Islamic Clothes, Tattoos create an easy way to define who to hate. Like the good guys and the bad guys.

The marks are below the right eye, not on the left eye, however on her left cheek there were some very small ones also, however a flash just is not the way to go for the best photos.

This is a strange way to write the word, she is from Liberia, however this E is not an English form of E, I am very curious, however had no time to learn.

Liberia Isekiri Tribe Face Tattoo