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Leave Banoua go to Ayame

2006-08-12 03:48:00

Leave Banoua go to Ayame
Banoua Ivory Coast - Cote d-Voire
Tuesday August 8, 2006

I leave today from Banoua, Ivory Coast and go to Aboisso, then to Ayame, I hope all in one day. About one hour drive time to Aboisso, however it may take one hour for the station wagon taxi to leave the bus stop, I have to wait until the car is full.

I think one-hour wait in Aboisso for the car to Ayame, therefore I have about a 4-hour trip from Banoua to Ayame, unless I have a set of great transfers. No way to plan travel times in any country, the problem is set up to leave times, not the travel time. A plane takes 2 hours set up time; I am on the show up and leave method of travel. Works the best and less frustrating, or I could be delusional and believe there are schedules, time, set leaving and such in most countries, better to show up and hope it leaves, it 99 percent of the time gets you where you want to go, how is not clear, but I get there, progress is made.

I am cutting out trying to avoid the line of persons who want money for nothing.

Leave Banoua go to Ayame