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Ivory Coast Lizard

2006-08-03 12:05:00

Ivory Coast Lizard

I do not seem many animals, however there are some colorful Lizards seen in regular spots, they seem to have a territory as I have seen what appears to be the same lizard, in the same location on different days.

I took this photo with my 12X Sony Camera, about 10 feet away so it would not run. They I magnified the pixel area by zooming in with the graphics program paint shop pro, cut out he area, pasted as new image and now I have a close up. Photographers no longer have to get up close, they can get the area, and chop out the good photo. Note, if I had the one upper level camera than I have, it could have been three time better because of the density of the pixels.

Of course, if I always would have sat around for a long time waiting for the lizard to walk onto a different color background for contrast, I could be anal and a photographer. I suspect in the future with more support type staff, I can get the big camera, upload the big photos, take a lot of photos and let some sort and fix, clean and alter. Lots of work not my favorite use of my life.

Ivory Coast Lizard

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