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Ivory Coast Hotel Information

2006-08-12 02:52:00

Ivory Coast Hotel Information
August 6, 2006, 3:07 AM
Aboisso Ivory Coast

I am working on many web sites, all at the same time, however the sites have no clear path to fruition. I am nervous about some sites of mine, because I am competing with the big boys. I received a very good, however disconcerting email a few days ago.

- Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) will unveil a new online project aimed at creating a free, fully editable worldwide guide of places to go and things to do next week. The site will seek to provide online city guides that offer a truly local perspective. -

The above three links have been some of my sources of information for Aboisso, Ivory Coast, or last of information for Aboisso. I was not able to find information on Hotels, Internet or almost any information essential. A tourist destination is not essential; it is a luxury after I have a place to live, money, transportation. Then I go wondering around looking at statues of dead people.

Jimmy Wales is a very smart man; I heard a lecture by him at the conference I attended in Frankfurt, Germany. I cannot or do not understand this new site, when the

Site is really somewhat off the ground. I do not think has any relationship with, however the same group of free posters, probably are in the mix. In the Free this, Free that, take for Free mentality, grab for Free, open source is best attitude of Wiki worlds, I do not understand why Wales is not throwing his large presence at Seem like redundancy in a free world.

CAN FREE POSTING MAKE A GUIDE? is more of a push to find researchers site, I have a lot of respect for them, I see really organized, lets find experts. Wiki sites are very difficult to beat, they have done a great job of finding free persons to post, these people scour the internet, books, any source of information, grab it from what could be copyrighted sources, and rephrase, repackage and put on the internet. This is not a copyright infringement, however on the cusp of a problem. I do know or feel they encourage the nabbing of what is somehow or could be construed to be protected.


I am in the no mans land of Hotel information; I am at the end of the planet, at least for the English speaking world. I doubt I am at the end of the planet if I could type in French and search better in French, but even in French, I am close to the edge of the Hotel ending planet.


There is huge money in advertising from Hotels and Tourist Destinations, also from the NGO advertising strangely; however, these three advertisers are big in the world of strange places to go advertising. Nevertheless, the big one is for Hotels, I believe, not positive.

Does not really matter, I am here in Aboisso, Ivory Coast thinking or asking myself.
- How important is it I collect Hotel information for my site?-

I am not sure there is a backpacker path through West Africa; I am not sure where the paths exist. I on the other hand am not the person to know for sure, as I do not have a library outside my door here in Aboisso where I can go and read. In the USA, which I am never there long enough, less than 25 days per year, there is all the information on the world in the libraries free. The internet sucks still, and is very confusing still, however is getting better. A lot of the information on the internet is about not sharing, while the library shares. I do not understand the library way of doing things, they take copyrighted information, put on a shelf and loan to people free. If I put information on a WebPages, a book, and then loan to someone free, then I am positive I am breaking a copyright. I have scanned guidebooks into the internet now, there are some real sticky problems arising on the sharing of this information.

- The wiki idea is to rob, scrape, redigest, rephrase and put on the internet like guidebooks. Not a new idea for any writer, they all do this for the most part.

- The idea is somewhat the same, however they find persons and get permission I am sure. They are a money making machine, therefore easier to sue, although seems to funding wiki in a way, I a do not know. It is not a complete separation.

- rather allows a person to have a voice or say what they think, become famous in their own minds. Wiki is the same, with more of a community spirits I suppose. People can in a way share their travelogues on and make virtual a ton of money.

Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, and Footprints, and many others are foot on the ground, and scrapers, then write on paper.

To write a book or guide that would explain everything about the Ivory Coast and traveler or tourist would want and need, would take at least 5000 pages, and could continue to grow.

I see feet on the ground as the source of all travel information, whether free or paid.

I have my feet here, the information is here, should I collect more or less, or what should I do? I need information for my site, however the word is big, really not possible to collect it all myself.

I think what I am selling to many readers is,
- I can do it, or you can do it. -
Actually it I free, however it sound better to say I am selling it, as if I am pro at selling inspiration. A pro is paid, maybe…

I am in a Hotel, here in Aboisso, Ivory Coast, it has two priced rooms. 2500 and 3000 CFA. Strange as it sounds, I am not sure if the 3000 CFA room has toilet or not inside, my 2500 CFA room does not, however it has a shower and at the end of the hall is the WC or Water Closet as a lot of the world define the toilet.

I do not get puffy when choosing the room. What is puffy in my mind? I did not get touristy…. I did not get pusssssy…. I did not get my priorities confused. I do not choose the room because it was clean and nice; I chose my room because the 2500 CFA room was safer than the 3000 CFA room. The 3000 CFA room has a ledge outside the window, it is possible for a person to climb on the ledge, remove the small panes of glass, crawl into the room and rob me, then climb back out and pretend nobody was in the room.

If I focused as most tourist do or travelers on being comfortable, more than on being safe, then I would be in a danger of being robbed room. I try to focus on safety first, then toilets, hot water, and then on comfort, I suppose hot water is comfort for me.

A guidebook more or less says, this Hotel is safe enough, but buyers beware, you are living at your own risk. I was thinking today, the owner of the Hotel is not so handsome, has an eye problem and his head is somewhat funny shaped. However, after stopping myself, he seems very smart, and ok, however a little taken aback at first. Hard to look into his eyes to find honesty when they seem not straight. The gaze is difficult to see.

A person can live in a Hotel where the owner, house cleaner, and everyone around is a crook and be safe under certain conditions. The evaluations of the conditions of a Hotel comes with experience, however I could make a rather large form of questions that could be completed by about anyone that would explain the rooms. Then I would just have to overcome the natural bias tendency of person to prioritize comfort about safety and logic.

This is what a guidebook writer does, figure out what is best, and I hope tells us, however only about 80 percent are good at this. That is a high percentage and is very good. The still tell me restaurants, and I never read it. I choose who cooks for me.

All this to make a decision, should I collect information on hotels? I need the forms, this is the problem. It takes ton of time to make a very comprehensive form, and because I am spending so much time on many small issues like money, transportation, or the big one, learning French, I am lost to collect what I do naturally by instinct. It is my nature to stay safe, plus be an alpha male. I see an alpha male as surveying the situation, then seeing if it safe for my under me persons.

I am dealing with these issues in many a sundry ways, I will mix and match, in hopefully a successful manner, and if not, not real important, however I will mix and match all the ways of collecting information, then accumulate on pages.

Ivory Coast Hotel Information