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Ivory Coast French Teacher

2006-08-01 05:04:00

Ivory Coast French Teacher

I have found a French Teacher, not what you think I have a free person that is teaching me French, she does not even know she is my teacher. Today, I start my first lesson. I figure at best, I can learn about 20 words per day; I already have a good vocabulary; however, I cannot pronounce word a hoot. I need a teacher to guide me through the mess pronunciation of French.

I will take 20 words, write them down.
Say them to her, she will say them back, I will then write them in English, not the way anyone else could understand, however the way I think and hear it, it is a great system for me.

The Rough Guide French Dictionary Phrasebook call it
- …written in a system of imitated pronunciation.-

I call it more or less writing it as I think it, works for me; however very time consuming for 20 words. I gauge I need a 500 word vocabulary to say I am conversant in a language, and about 2000 to really get around. Then after that a few years of speaking to understand jokes and watch TV.

That is 25 days to learn 500 words, I think I have no choice in Africa it is a shoe in, I will learn French, I have not choice. I am in the best immersion French Language program on the planet, I cannot find people that speak English, they all are hanging out in the 5 Star Hotel or not with me, and that is great. I came to Africa to introduce myself to Africa, not to introduce myself to people that speak English.

I really screwed up not having some language disk copied on my computer so I could listen to French girls say words.

Ivory Coast French Teacher