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Is Africa Poor

2006-08-25 07:20:00

Is Africa Poor
Apam Ghana
Thursday, August 24, 2006

I realized just the fact I wrote this, means in some ways I think Africa is poorer. It is not that I think Africa is poor though, I have been told all my life Africa is poor, therefore I think of poverty when I am here, in South America and in Asia, India, I do not think of poverty. However, I would say maybe South America is poorer than Africa so far, I do not have enough travel time to know.

Poverty Questions

I am sitting here reading in the Encarta Encyclopedia about poverty. It is amazing how much research is done, then entered into an Encyclopedia. Poverty is difficult, I do not personally believe you can define poverty by money, it is not accurate. Many people earn very little money, however have many possessions. It must somehow be related to need, not want, but needs.

I am thinking with a lot of introspection I could design a 10-question form that would help me determine if a person is poor. I normally know, a person saying they want money or are poor has almost nothing to do with being poor, it just means they have learned.

I am in Apam, Ghana in the King Pobee Hotel, I have a girl two dollars because I was stupid, and now I need to leave the Hotel. They line up waiting for me to leave the room so they can try to ask for more money. It is very annoying the because this country ask for money and just never stops, it is as if someone trained them to ask for money.

However, there is a difference between a beggar and a manipulator, a manipulator sees and opportunity and tries, while a beggar is a full time job.

I know there is no reason to give people money, I do not care how much my desire to help the world is, I am wrong. I cannot feel and help; I believe it is better to be customer that allows people to make money by work.

I suppose this poverty questionnaire would or should be more, is there a reason to give them help. How can I give help without training them to be beggars?

Is Africa Poor