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Ghana No Left Hand Waving

Ghana No Left Hand Waving
Shama Ghana
Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I had a gentleman last night says, to know the local custom, you should know it is not good to wave with your left; you need to use your right. I had another girl I think confirm this; she did not care, but sort of said, yes better with right hand.

None of this was in that good of English, the English dropped here to the bottom rungs compared to Tokoradi, I am finding only a very few, (the owner of the small grocery ) that speaks English. Most can only say,
- Hello, how are you? -

My guess is most people or travelers do not have the wave problem, as they do not say hello to anyone. I have and always will, usually say high to anyone making eye contact or willing to make eye contact.

Ghana No Left Hand Waving