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Ghana Gratitude

2006-08-14 03:57:00

Ghana Gratitude
Elubo Ghana
Thursday, August 10, 2006

I am grateful today, I think it is because I know I have everything I need, a good family, too many brains, money enough to travel anywhere on the planet.

I also have the faith that I will always be ok, even if I was killed; my life has been good, I need no more.

What started me thinking this is my shower, I was thinking,
- Andy, you should have filled that nice bucket in case the water stopped. -

The bucket is amazingly clean, not a normal thing, the buckets I toilets are amazing grubby, not clean. I think they use as water backup, in places where the water occasionally stops, most places on the planet. The good hotels will give you a bucket. IF you understand the system when you enter the hotel, you fill up the bucket, and then when the water stops, you still have some water.

I am grateful because I take this to higher levels, I have my own bucket I carry, and as I am typing, I am heating a big bucket of water for a hot water dip shower. It is not warm here or too warm, a cold shower is great when it is dripping hot all the time. It has not been dripping hot since I arrived in Ivory Coast, just hot. The water is not that warm, but the hotel does not care.

I make rooms better.
- I make hot water.
- I have a light to read I carry. -
- I have a light blanket because the hotel only gives one sheet on the bed.
- I have a nice alarm clock.
- I have clothesline to wash my clothes.

My Travelers Nest is very good, I am thinking though about a sleeping bag liner or duvet for the bed. I left my sheet in Nepal because it took up too much space, I already have a blanket this is only double a normal sheet. However, the problem here in not the sheets, it is the pillows. I have a pillow without a pillowcase, almost an Arab mentality or India mentality of beds.

I need to get a sheet and have it sown into a big pillow case, I am getting way too nervous looking at how dirty mattress and pillow can be, although not that dirty here, I am a little worried about bugs in the bed. I have a mosquito net; however, the walls are barren, and no way to connect to the walls. I am somehow need to carry four sticks, which would hold it up in the air off the bed.

The last two-cheapie hotels the Osamadi here in Elubo and the Bemosso in Aboisso both have screens on the windows. The expensive Vallee Hotel with air conditioning in Banoua had no screens and many bugs. I see a price as just a trade to give me some features that really are annoying. The nice hotels can be the farthest walk from anything, and the cheaper hotels can be in the middle, closer, and safer. Walking out of the city down dark paths is not the safest idea.

The keep hollering,
- Hey White Man-
The place has some rude persons, and threatening, however hehehe, I got my knife sharpened yesterday, it will work better to remove their balls. I am carrying the knife for personal protection, I do not think it is needed, but it would stop the intimidation. There was a sign here in Ghana, I never seen one in Ivory Coast, but here in Elubo there is a sign that is to buy Arms or Guns, not a fun sign to see, fortunately these people seem way too poor to buy guns. It I not that big of city, anyone robbing would be known by everyone, much safer than in a big city. The guidebook instantly tells me how to go to the big cities, explains the big cities, and really a city is always the most dangerous place. Most people are too afraid of Africa to come; they should be explaining how to leave the cities easily and quicker. Technically, in my mind, the most dangerous times are between the plane and the Hotel, or between the bus stop and the Hotel. This is where guidebooks just about worthless, no clear paths cut. Fend for yourself.
Calling me White Man is better than when they holler,
- Money -
- I need Money. -

They do not need money; I think they have learned the guilt of the White Man…. This all about a conscious or the development of a conscious in humans. Do not get me started on that subject or I will get hate mail…

The owner of the Osamadi Hotel here in Elubo has a Mercedes Benz parked out in front of the Hotel. There is a car wash next to the Hotel, complete with hollering obnoxious boys washing cars.

Ghana Gratitude