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Ghana Computer Problems

2006-08-25 07:30:00

Ghana Computer Problems
Tema Ghana
Friday, August 25, 2006

I started having computer problem with my computer when I tried to load a DVD movie in my computer, probably made in Nigeria. Ever since then, I have had problems, or maybe this is the first starting point I can remember.

I do not know, maybe electricity cuts, maybe DVD or CD ROM from Nigeria, I do know that Microsoft Updates can do this also, Norton was impossible to stop, updates were made on my system, I did not want.

The Internet here in Tema is not working; the girl says she thinks at 11, I know she is guessing. The electricity has gone on and off three times in the last hour. It did not go off since I arrived and I thought the electricity here was more stable.

The electricity is a good steady power, it does not go up and done, however when it goes off, it goes off. I do not see weak power, or fuses breaking.

On the outside, possibility the whole country is having problem, I am going to start using my battery when I type, and only use the cord to charge the battery. I will see if this stops the locking of the computer, it could be a power glitch.

I really am lost to try to figure out how to stop these problems, there are so many variables. I backed up my 2 Gig Flash drive, defragged it, then deleted the data, and then put back on the Flash so that the data was organized better. I am feeling a memory crunch, I mean, or think there is an overload of memory use and it glitches the computer and locks. Freezes or is immovable, I then need to shut it off, and restart, I cannot book or hit CTR ALT Delete or anything, just a lock.

My 2 Gig Flash drive really makes me feel good, without this, I do not know how safe I would be for data. I put all my files that are not published to the internet on this chip, and then back it up on the computer. I keep the Chip in my secret pocket on me all the time, if my computer was stolen, I have the chip, if my chip is stolen, I have the computer in my room. Only when I am traveling with bag in tow is when both of them close, however most criminals are not smart enough to know what the chip is, so more or less I am safe.

I am going to work on some system for backing up my computer to the internet with the least amount of brainwave use on my part. I now have a 40 Gig of space host, I have about 35 Gig of space available, and we have it backed up on another host.

I am a wiz kid on this stuff really; I have only lost data by allowing another computer person in the USA to back up my data. I have not lost any data for 7 years. I allowed some person in a computer store to backup my drive to fix the computer, he did not do it correct and I lost data. I never allow anyone to backup my information.

I have everything duplicated somewhere, however right now I have about one gig of information that needs continually sent to the internet to be safe. This is a lot, hard to load up to the internet one gig; however, I will find a way. I have an 80 Gig hard drive in Thailand that I back up my whole computer when I am close. I guess I am no farther than 6 months away from having all my data backed up. This is not good, but 90 percent better than most people, I guess the proof is I have never myself lost data, although I did when I trusted a persons. CD Roms are worthless, they corrupt so easy, it is not even on my list, the only possible way is to get a couple of 2 Gig Flash drives and Fed Ex them home occasionally. Then I could get to a very expensive 1 month or less back up of information.

The bottom line, losing my Flash drive would not make me happy; however losing my computer would be not so bad.

I need an 80 Gig Hard Drive in 4-5 locations on the planet to back up my computer, then I would port, backup and move on, the internet is too slow for this type of backup.

Andrew helped me disable the CD ROM

Remove the updates from Microsoft downloaded because of Norton.
I hope this fixes... so far, not freeze.

Ghana Computer Problems