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Ghana Backpacker Network

2006-08-21 03:44:00

Ghana Backpacker Network
Cape Coast Ghana
Monday, August 21, 2006

I am in the Sammo Guesthouse or Hotel or whatnot, it has a group of backpackers that want to talkā€¦.

95-100 percent of the Backpackers here are somehow volunteers, and then traveling a little after or before they volunteer. I have not met people just traveling in Ghana; they mostly seem to have an agenda then wrap it with some travel.

I have become cynical in the last few years of travel as the cell phone, email and chatting has almost ended conversation of intellectual value. The need for intimacy with other travels is almost over, they can be intimate with their friends at home, and do not need other travelers.

However, maybe here in Africa the internet and cell phones is so disrupted that the conversation returns. Last night some Dutch girl, complete with her diary with glued in object, collected ideas entered my world. She explained all she has seen, observed and has taken notes. This is refreshing and gives me lot of hope, maybe the world of South America 6 years ago now exist in Africa.

There is nothing I enjoy more, than listening to a person from a different country, a different culture, a different school, career, ideology tell me their new discoveries. I thought the cell phone had killed conversations completely, but not here in Africa.

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