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French Baby Talk

2006-08-12 04:08:00

French Baby Talk
Aboisso, Cote d-Voire - Ivory Coast
Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I have realized I speak Baby Talk French, I cannot put together a complete sentence and refuse to do so, I have learned from experience and one time by a dangerous experience not to try to speak sentences. I cannot understand the reply, so it is silly to start. I say one word, hope they intuitive grasp the meaning or question. A word said correctly is a question; therefore, I ask many questions and want a short word reply.

I have list of my top 200 words or 100 words I consider essential to for travel talk, a cheat sheet of sorts that is for me to learn first. My prioritized lists of words that help me travel in French countries. Being I have not filled in the gaps in my database or page, I am slowly and laboriously going through the Rough Guide French Language book and writing the correct, I hope correct words in my database. I then write the word as it sounds to me in English as my hint. A slow, but learning experience, as any work using the word is time spent studying.
I annoyed constantly with the persons who wish me to jump from Baby Talk to Adult Talkā€¦. Impossible, I do not have a vocabulary and will not until I get at least about 500 words and I think 2000 is the amount needed to be conversational in a small degree. To be fluent in a language is when I can explain many nuances and watch TV with no problem. I can read this language already because I did have one year in University, which I then proceeded to never use.

I love these epiphanies of understanding, I love when I suddenly get the light bulb above my head and understand the process by which I learn. I think it called Gestalt.

- According to Gestalt psychology, images are perceived as a pattern or a whole rather than merely as a sum of distinct component parts. The context of an image plays a key role. - (2)

French Baby Talk