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Crossing Ghana Border to Togo

Crossing Ghana Border to Togo
Aflao Ghana
Monday, August 28, 2006

I have a cold shower, I am making it into a hot water dip shower as I type, I take my trusty one-cup coffee cooker, put in the water, and about 15-20 minutes later, presto, I have a bucket full of hot water.

I think hot water is healthy; it probably makes me live longer. I am amazed how people just ignore the values of hot water. I should have had some scientist, the United Nations, my USA government demanding,

- Clean with Hot Water -
- Clean you dishes with Hot Water -
- Wash your body with Hot Water -

Disinfect, the clothes, clean the clothes, nothing better for your health than to kill off or minimize those speck of something inside water and food that want to kill you.

I really appreciate that I can make hot water, I think of all the things that has enabled me to travel, besides money. Hot water had maintained my health. In addition, a good eye on the cooks of the planet, if I see it cooking, I MAY eat it, if I do not see it cooking, I do not eat.

Packaged foods are exceptions.

Ok, I digress, my dip shower is ready, I will take a 2 gallon hot water dip shower, clean my hair, use some soap, to wipe the grime of Ghana dusty streets off my body. Then I will go outside my hotel and stand.

Hang my hand out like a limp wrist, different here than America.

A taxi will stop; I will try to communicate with a taxi driver who is like every other taxi driver on the planet, at the back of the line on brains. Then maybe he for a fare price, a good smile, will get paid to take me to Lome Togo

The price I guess is 2000 CFA or the Togo money, not the CEDIS. This is about 4 U.S. dollars and what I get is a guide, a man that wished to get me through the border, it would be nice if it was a girl, but I have only seen about 2 girl taxi drivers in 9 years of travel.

The man or boy will take push me through the border, he knows who to see, who to avoid, he knows hot to take this stupid white man, he enjoys this, he think I am dumb, a smart person would know the border… How I know something I have never done always is beyond my logical brain.

Walking through a border on your own is the most expensive bad decision a person can make. A taxi, never a guide, or translator, but yes a bus driver, a taxi or bus driver are my top choices. If they do not exist, I would walk by myself, pretend to be extremely stupid, that make the border guards feel important and smart, I find all border guards and police have a need to feel smart, I give them what the need, want, demand and dangerously enforce.

I will look poor, try to get the guy to think, run this idiot on through, we cannot bleed him. Then I hope some missionary comes across or a NGO in a Toyota Land Rover and pays for me, to the guard. Thanks

Next, stop the bucket of hot water, then to TOGO.

Crossing Ghana Border to Togo