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Cape Coast to Apam

2006-08-25 07:13:00

Cape Coast to Apam
Apam Ghana
Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My new friend Loes was leaving the next day, therefore, I decided to accompany here to a small or medium size village by the name of Apam, very close to Accra. I measured on my Encyclopedia map; it is about 47 miles as the crow flies, not as close as I thought. The TroTro - Combi type van buses seem to take longer and are more uncomfortable. There is not enough room for my legs, I need to keep my one computer bag on my lap, and the trips seem longer than they really are, but not very far for travelers.

Apam is about 66 miles from Cape Coast, and now I will go to Accra tomorrow, Loes left today.

I am not sure what is up with her, she slept terrible, and they woke and did one of them I am doing what I am doing things. We have separate rooms, only friends, she is young, I rather was glad she left. Not sure, she is wrapped too tight on how to maintain her happiness.

Fort Patience Apam
There is this very small fort, which is now used for a Rest Home or maybe a flophouse hotel. It has no electricity, a great view, sort of sea breezed, like living in a big stone fort, but the water and toilet situation is almost a zero. The man put a kerosene lantern in the room, no mosquito nets or anything. Just one notch above camping, for 40,000 Cedi or 4 dollars U.S.

The location may be perfect, close to everything, however extremely rustic, I doubt anyone stays more than two nights or they would need a shower.

Loes was excited to live in the place, then suddenly has to leave, I had not fully unpacked, therefore I came to another hotel, not a good location, but for one dollar more or 50,000, I have electrify, no running water, and a fan. However, impossible to get to the city without taking a taxi or walking for a half hour or more, it is ok; I will leave for Accra tomorrow. The place is nice; the water is carried though from the well to the room in buckets. Not a bad method, just a little slow.

I did not go with Loes because she told me where she was going, not a choice or no options, or consideration in the least for me, so time to allow her to be her and separate. Traveling and travelers are extremely selfish person, I do not accompany or try to accompany when they just tell me where they are going. It is European and the Scandinavians do this as natural, you have to just say where you are going and then maybe they will come off their harsh commands.
It does not matter, I was laughing she says she has seen too many movies and maybe cannot separate fiction from reality, therefore a castle or fort makes her think it is haunted.

She was all excited to volunteer to go to villages in Niger and help do health education, do not think she would fair well if the bed in the fort made here leave. It was a bed, it was room that is more than can be expected in most villages that need visited in Niger. I would anticipate clay dirt or find a way to hook up a hammock would be common.

Mood a swing, traveling too fast and too quick, that is my assessment, cannot miss a think and overwhelms herself, need to control her life or is not in control.

All this is humorous because she was really wanting to go to a place that was primitive, but primitive is primitive… hehehe

I did find out my new self-powered squeeze to power the flashlight I purchased in Thailand for 2 dollars works perfect, I do not need batteries. This is really a nifty toy, and I needed it to read my book.

Cape Coast to Apam