Cape Coast Hotel

Cape Coast Hotel
Cape Coast Ghana
Saturday, August 19, 2006

I am in the Sammo Guesthouse or Hotel here in Cape Coast; I have some higher room that has a funky balcony with a view of construction and normal culture mess of Ghana. It is like looking down and having a child holler. Abroni or white man daily.

The Sammo Hotels is perfect for 81,000 Cedis or about 8 Dollars U.S., the price is right, the manager seem amicable, the restaurant on top has ok food with two girls that are totally clueless, but the food is still ok, even cooked by girls out to lunch. There are more than five travelers or maybe I should say person volunteering in Ghana but on a vacation of sorts.

The internet is not close; it is about a 20-minute walk from the room, however, close enough unless I found a popular hotel closer. I like to have a few Abroni or White people around; it makes me know I am in a safe harbor and less isolated. It is first time I have had white people around in any numbers for the last 25 days or so, I am not isolated from a possible conversation with people that speak English as a higher than 10 year old level and speed. The English of Ghana is ok, not exceptional, and the pronunciation of words is always on the missing the sounds level. Better than most countries, but the official language of Ghana may be English, however the language spoken is Fanci or Fanti, not English.

There is a restaurant on the roof, not know until by accident I learned, probably says in the guidebooks but who wants to read guidebooks.
I heard confirmation of a fear yesterday, as I was chatting away at the manager of the Hotel as he showed me a room. He remarks that there is some new management or whatever. I had just said sarcastically,
- The fan looks like it has not been cleaned for a couple of weeks. -
He said,
- No longer. -

I was think, no Sh T, the thing has not been cleaned for years, it had hair growing on it, the dust was so deep. He had it cleaned quickly, efficiently and hopefully enough.

The fear that was confirmed is I have been focusing on Hotels and not on managers. A hotel is not the important thing to be aware of, it the manager or owner of the hotel that is important. If I collect on my site the hotels of the planet, I need to somehow discover when the managers and owners change to warn people of maybe a better or even dangerous situations as things change. It is like a travel agency, a good travel agent is great, it does not matter the name of the agency, the person is what is of value, not the company.

The room is great, I have no idea why Africa never give me a top sheet, a person needs to carry a sheet, sleeping bag liner, or some light cover. It is needed, it is not hot, the cool winds coming off the ocean her like the word cape would say, could be too cold. Turn on the fan and you need a light something to block the breeze of the fan, no fan and you start to need air.

Hot water has left the building, I am very glad I cook my own.

Cape Coast Hotel