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Cape Coast Hope

2006-08-21 03:42:00

Cape Coast Hope
Cape Coast Ghana
Sunday, August 20, 2006

I am traveling east towards Accra, Ghana, and then to Togo, yesterday I visited later in the day the Fort by something maybe called Cape Coast Castle. I am not happy with the Fort, not encouraged by the sight of it, more of a reminder of failure, not of hope.

The visit was marred by a man, or two men just in front of the canons, as we viewed down, the explanation of slaves, doors of no return, there is two men, one smoking a big fat marijuana cigarette below. The other man pulling his pants down in front of the canons, the whole groups of tourist, the guide, standing on crashing rocks, he drops his drawers, squats and relieves himself while all are watching.

After listening to the British did this, the British did that, and then sent them to America where the Americans did this, and then the slavers did that, I can only think, and he just did that.

I asked a Ghana girl, why, no reply, then walking down the beach, a good piece of ocean close to the beach. Another man is naked, sitting in the sand, pulling sand onto himself; I am surrounded by persons walking up to the beach to take a crap.

I asked the Ghana girl again,
- Why? -
She says,
- He is mad.-
I say,
- He is crazy. -
She says, not a concern, not a comment, not a wonder why I am curious, but she says,
- Yes, crazy. -

I have to get off the beach; I am in a land mine field of crazy.

I do feel hope, even though I see none. I cannot every stop believing that there is nobility in all persons, just needs to find a way out, and opportunity. I am not sure where, however, there is good strong fort, built to fight a war, to fight off the people that would take it away. It is large, many canons facing the ocean, it is first still in my mind a fort, then secondly a slave quarters, it can either be the place to protect the Cape or to keep everything inside, there is an irony to ever move in Africa, I see some happy faces. Then I see person grow older, learn an attitude, I hope they learn the best attitudes bring hope and the worst bring nothing but problems.

A wonderful piece of beach, near the Cape Coast Castle, time to make it a paradise and stop crapping all over it…

Cape Coast Hope