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Banoua Internet Ivory Coast

2006-08-12 03:23:00

Banoua Internet Ivory Coast
Monday August 8, 2006

I went to the internet, my basic reason for returning to Banoua from Aboisso and it was a big problem, cost 400 CFA per hour, I needed to use two hours. I was only able to open maybe about on page per five minutes. The CyberCafePro program totally blocked the ability for me to use my thumb drive, and then the stupid anti-virus or programs to stop programs stopped all progress. They were not a warm and helpful bunch, therefore I made zero progress. Nonetheless about 10 to 15 machines shared one connection I believe so the connection as almost worthless.

I experienced the same type of problem, I think with CyberCafePro in Paris, France, and Agadez, Niger. This program is not worth the time and logically ridiculous for an internet café. Anti virus programs, protection programs are to protect the programs and information on a computer. If an internet café has more than about two computers, it needs to know how to format and reinstall programs on a regular basis. There is not need to protect a computer that is a common use computer; it is anal to have this over-zealous protection in an internet café. It is relatively easy to format and replace the program. In addition, I was not even able to do clean disk, which is a major problem with internet cafes, the temporary files had eaten the memory of my computer.

I have been talking with Craig from, he knows, understand, and knows a program that will image the computer and wipe the junk installed on a computer every night. I would think the French and Germans computers could be less paranoid and controlling and learn the more advance, and logical methods of Internet Cafes. When I am in Germany, I have to go to the Turkish owned internet cafés to use a computer system that works.

Banoua Internet Ivory Coast