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Banoua Hooked on Phonics

2006-08-12 03:36:00

Banoua Hooked on Phonics
Cote d-Voire - Ivory Coast

August 8, 2006, 6:30 AM Tuesday

I am in Banoua, Ivory Coast, and I am Hooked on Phonics as an American commercial touts. This is a commercial that sells a tape, CD ROM or Computer program, I do not remember exactly, however the idea is to get a person or child hooked on Phonics.

Two Theories of Learning to Read
Beginning to read theories seem to apply to children, however really they apply in my way of thinking to persons learning a language. I have learned Spanish, and a little of a lot of languages. However, French will now be my second language I am going to learn. I am not playing around here; I am going to learn simple conversations in French. Thus, I am at the basics of learning.

Theory One - Associated Learning
Recognize the whole word and stress the meaning of the word, I suppose and listen to the word at the same time.

Theory Two - Phonics
The learning of the sounds of letters, or of groups of letters, thereby a person can see a word and sound it out, thus learning to pronounce.

Children can speak I suppose before they can read, thus when they hear a word the know what it means. They sound out a word phonetically, and then recognize the word they already know how to say.

I am different, I do not know the words, but often I can read a word, know the meaning because it is very close to Spanish, and however I do not know how to say the word or pronounce it. I read signs along the road; I want to learn how to pronounce. I try to phonetically sound out the word.

The problem I had with Spanish and now with French is the books do not simply and accurately in one location give me all the rules of phonics for the letters of French, and in Spanish it was the same.

My Spanish Rules, however not so completed:

I am now making the same type of rules, however I am making with hindsight of knowing what I needed to do to learn Spanish. Therefore, I am able to learn French and explain to myself better for this second learned language.

There rules, overly analytical explanations are for me to understand the methods my brain needs to learn a language. I am maybe lucky I do not learn words only be association and quickly. It forces me to learn the gestalt theories of learning and I can explain to the slow learners of languages better some small tricks to learn.

I consider most language schools for person who already speak the language and not for beginners. More of refresher courses, and not beginner courses, a way to be immersed in a language, not a good beginner’s course. The courses offered overseas are mostly jokes, not for the beginner, they work good for the person who has already taken a few coursed in their home country, but to learn from point zero is a joke. Not worth the time, they are too high and frustrating.

In the end, I believe a person learns by association 90 percent of the time. They hear a word, learn the meaning, and proceed to use the word. Sometimes the mispronounce for decades words they have learned from reading, nobody saying, you are saying this word wrong. Amazing how they can mispronounce words for years.

I was listening to a man say some word in Spanish the other day and was amazed how badly he pronounced them. I believe he never learned the rule of pronouncing Spanish, was pronouncing them as they would sound in English, easy for me translate quickly in my head, because I understand English, but rotten for a Spanish speaker to understand. Normally this person will only be speaking with persons that speak English better than they speak Spanish and will suck up too much for many money reasons.
The suck up problem here in Bonoau is driving me nuts, I want to learn a word, as soon as they understand my message, and they will not correct me. Of course, their brain is overwhelmed with trying to understand and to teach at the same time is multi-tasking of the brain. Not possible for most brains, to think of two concurrent courses of action at the same time. People have problems focusing on more than one goal simultaneously. I think I can focus on at least 5-15 goals simultaneously; however, the speed of the influx of data slows down the number. Leaning a language means, I can only do about three at the same time.

I was being hit up for money yesterday, made to feel guilty, trying to learn French, chatting with a pretty girl, looking for drink, all at the same time. I had four goals in one area or sphere to accomplish. The man who wanted money-needed diplomacy, he spoke English so was had to ignore diplomatically, I ended up just saying, work for money, and do not ask me for money. I also gave him five CFAs as an insult.

Banoua Hooked on Phonics