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Ayame No Good Return to Aboisso

2006-08-12 03:51:00

Ayame No Good Return to Aboisso
Ivory Coast - Cote d'Voire

I left Banoua, went to Aboisso for 1300 CFA, change station wagons and went to Ayame for 500 CFA. I guess Ayame is about 15 Kilometers, and the trip between Banoua and Aboisso is one hour. Waiting to leave can take a long as the trip.

Ayame was quaint, however no big lakefront. All the people kept trying to point me to the large hotels on the hill. One person tried to help I think and took me to a military office, which proceeded to grill me about why, what is my name, and did not answer any questions. Made me write down the names of my parents, and looked at my passport.

Finally, I said in English, how many Hotels, the one answers one and the other person answered two. I said in French,
- I return to Aboisso, -
I tried my best to say in body language, who the hell wants to stay in this obnoxious place.

Took the station wagons back for 500 CFA and was happy to be back in Abosso and in my Bemosso Hotel for the excellent value of 2500.

There seems to be a Vacation Hotel mentality here, I have trouble finding normal person fares, only find the wanna be rich, go to a hotel and be stupid hotels. I think exclusivity in tourism happens anywhere, the more I pay, the more it cost, the more I can brag to my friends at home, that I am rich enough to toe the road.

In Ayame, a man who already knew my name, tried to take me to a Hotel. I asked in French,
- How much -
Again and again, finally he said,
- 5 Mille or 5000 -
This would be an ok price, however there is no way to know, I asked him the name of the hotel, and he did not know. Lots of bull flying around and everyone is under the impression that I do not care about money. I wonder what idiots teach people this….I think some are so afraid they will pay anything to not have to talk with the locals.

Vacation Hotel, I see nobody here on Vacation.

On a funny note, there are some whopper size women in Cote d Voire, they are large, extra large and whopper size. One was already in the station wagon taxi that was soon to leave for Ayame. She literally took the place of two seats. She looked very clean, but I know big means smells. She sat them they stuffed another two in seats, one left and an extra large got in and took her place. Nobody says a word, and then when she got out, some boy was rearranging here whopper legs so she could rise and the springs of the car would give a sigh of relief.

I have a strange route, Bassam to Aboisso, Aboisso to Banoua, Banoua to Ayame, back to Aboisso, now I go to Noe.

Ayame No Good Return to Aboisso