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Assini Ivory Coast

2006-08-12 03:59:00

Assini Ivory Coast
Aboisso Ivory Coast
Wednesday, August 9, 2006

There is a resort area south of my present position here in Aboisso, I have not been able to clearly understand how to go there or even where it is located. One of the persons in the station wagon taxi talked or said it was beautiful; however, as normal I doubt he had ever been there. If I just trusted the taxi people, I am sure I could get there after they jostled me until I arrived in Assine or Assini. I looked up the world in French; I cannot find the word to get a clue. The Lonely Planet says there is a Club Med there, this is one those exclusive resort chains, however I have not seen one that looked exclusive yet. I stopped in one in Mexico and it was vacant.

I am on the natural path, I am on the way to Noe today, and it is along the easy travel path and it the last city at the border. It also does not show on my map.

Assini Ivory Coast