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Arrived in Tokoradi Ghana

2006-08-14 04:39:00

Arrived in Tokoradi Ghana
Takoradi Ghana
Thursday, August 10, 2006

I arrived in the city of Tokoradi, Ghana, moderately big city around 300, 000 people and has internet I believe. The upper levels of Ghana seem to speak English however; the English of more common or people I need to talk with speak very rough English. I almost think I was doing better in French, Cote d-Voire than here.

The desire to manipulate is reminiscence of India people tend to try too hard, or just plain lie. The Mosden Hotel I am in was asking 180,000 and said that I could only get a room for one night. I proceeded to leave, and she found a room for 130,000 still about 80,000 more than the world-class value for this type of room. I was in the same, or better in the Osamidi, Hotel in Elubo for 50,000, so I am paying more for less. It is very noisy, called the Mosden or something, just across the street from the Big Bus station, it is good room, and toilet seat is missing, as is normal, light in bath does not work. Normal on all accounts for most rooms on the planet.

I took a taxi to the Beachway hotel, never go there, paid the driver to bring me back as he has one desire to show me expensive way off the path, in the middle of nowhere expensive, a person has to be crazy to live there hotels where he will get a commission.

Function proceeds Form, I need a hotel that can function, I have good transportation, I am close to businesses to buy, or look, or be a tourist. The hotels he wishes me to see were nice; I am sure, and about same as living in dumpy hotel in Florida where everyone speaks Spanish. I seen zero persons, in the end, I need and feel safer around people, and do not desire to live in some hotel that expensive and nice, and like Tom Hanks on the desert, Island and soon I will be talking to the soccer ball because of isolation.

This Hotel has cable, black and white, endless Gospel singing and one short time when I could watch CNN International. I think the manager turned off CNN and back to the Fat Women singing.

I will try to find the Internet and a properly priced room soon. If there is Internet, then I will clean my boxes and post the many post and pictures.

The Mosden has a big soft living room chair like the Osomadi in Elubo, I am not sure why, I think it is because they make furniture in the area. A boy was sleeping in the chair when the man came to show me the room. Never rent a room without seeing it first. I wonder if this is really a black and white TV, or just so bad. I should have pushed for room not on the street side.

Arrived in Tokoradi Ghana