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Areeba GPRS Internet Access Ghana

2006-08-25 07:28:00

Areeba GPRS Internet Access Ghana
Tema Ghana
Friday, August 25, 2006

I took a photo, seen a sign in Accra that said,
- Access the internet over your cell phone. -

It was with the Areeba Cell phone company, now, I know it is maybe possible, that does not mean anything is easy.

I have decided it I want to do this, I must go to the main office in a country, probably here in Accra, Ghana; have them configure the systems with my blue tooth and such.

It may only mean I can see on my cell phone and not that I can actually dial in, however who knows. This process is laboriously complicated, but there is hope. IF I was flying into Ghana and only doing a Ghana trip, I would think about this, however I think Tigo is more common and another I forget. However, cannot really say, not paying that close of attention.

Ghana has many interesting small villages and it would be nice to have internet access, I could go about anywhere… maybe.

All this noise and crap they advertise about internet access is more than anyone would want to bothered about. I think the normal travelers are too busy writing mom to think of anything else. Nevertheless, they are not travelers; they are volunteers, not the most adventurous types, more in need of a ready to grab safety net of their volunteer organization. Not that safe, but they think it is….

Areeba GPRS Internet Access Ghana