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Apam to Accra Ghana

2006-08-25 07:24:00

Apam to Accra Ghana
Apam Ghana
Thursday, August 24, 2006

I will somehow progress to Accra today, I think I need to get to the Apam Junction then take a TroTro to Accra. It is is also possible I need to return to the TroTro station in Apam, catch a TroTro already destined for Accra. I would feel like saying this is difficult, the problem is more annoying as they do pack us into the TroTro and are very vigilant to try to con me. The culture is annoying as about only one in five can be trusted at a bus stop to help in a clear and true manner.

I guess it will take me about two hours to travel to Accra from porthole to porthole, the stops of the TroTro is an unknown amount of time. However, there always appears to be a TroTro going somewhere.

Apam to Accra Ghana