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Annoying TV in Ghana

Annoying TV in Ghana
Akatsi Ghana
Sunday, August 27, 2006

Aaagh, just went from News TV to the full on, talk to much about God TV here in Ghana, this is I feel about 60 percent of TV and then about 20 percent talk show about irrelevant subjects. Yesterday they had this conference in Accra, Ghana about how global warming is affecting Africa.

The TV has no consistency of channels, you can be watching one subject or one channel and then it goes to other end of the world of subjects. However, I do not care how much I believe, I will not listen to a bunch of weasels talking too much about God. I think for those that just cannot get their acts together and behave. I never trust anyone that tells me how they believe, what they believe, or why and have that zealot quality about them, they are either too stupid, or just a way of manipulation for their own purpose. Religion is a big business of Ghana.

What a joke this global warming thing, Ghana looks like the country has big timber trucks go through the place, cut down all the trees, then did not replant or even plant crops where they removed the trees. The coast is nothing but scrubland, a land of squatty trees, with crap grab between each bush trying to be a tree.

Global warming is about 99 on the list of priorities, they have not left the gate on economics, same as about 50 percent of the planet, I am not sure, South America may be poorer, but they are working harder, so who knows, maybe a better chance of thriving if they wish.

Annoying TV in Ghana