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Andy Location in Ghana

2006-08-20 03:35:00

Andy Location in Ghana
Cape Coast Ghana

I am today, August 19, 2006 in Cape Coast Ghana, I am traveling over land from Cote d'Ivoire towards Nigeria, then up towards Niger.

Map of Ghana

Map of Ghana, I came from the left and I am going to the right.
I am traveling by land from the West to the East, next countries are Togo, Benin, maybe Nigeria, up and to Niger.

Tokoradi to Shama to Cape Coast Map and fare by TroTro or Normal size van.

I hope to add the prices of transportation on all maps I post for the countries of West Africa. The big expense is not transportation, it is food. Then next it the price of room. The French countries or former colonies seem to be double the cost for room then the English former colonies.

Andy in Ghana
Andy Location in Ghana