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Akatsi to Aflao Ghana

Akatsi to Aflao Ghana
Alfao Ghana
Sunday, August 27, 2006

I am in a Hotel on the border of Togo; I guess it is only about a 4 dollars taxi right from here to Lome, Togo. This is too convenient and nice; I will enjoy a border crossing where I can end up in the White Man world hotels with a minimal amount of taxi argument.

The Hotel I am in, unknown name was the third try for hotels in this city, and the other two were not acceptable in my standards of what I want to live in for travel enjoyment. There is almost the idea that all White Men or
- Yeh-Vous -
As they now call me in the new language change from Fanti to Ewe.

The man, very good English, in front of the Thanks Hotel here in Aflao, never would tell me the price called the Hotel,
- The place where all the white people stay. -

That killed my desire flat, who wants to fly all the way to Africa, pay beau coups dollars to live in a Hotel with White people. These are hyper inflated, full of NGO hotels to boot, every other sign in this area is a laundry list of cures that they NGO’s do not perform, but of course advertise they perform. I am always amazed at the complexity of issue they advertise with a real nebulous mission.

Things like or names like
- Africa Youth. -

I do not believe all Africa youth are problems, or have problems, or even believe any sectors of society you be earmarked for lofty help, especially with donated money. I want them to say,
- We give single mothers discount condoms -
Or maybe,
- We cut it off of the man who demands to not use condoms -

I think the NGO needs clear goals, less talking and something to prove they did anything other then make an office.

Nonetheless, after the somewhat rude behaviors on my part with both Hotels at the Junction of Aflao, made for expensive entertainment of your favorite girl, which I do not have, although two volunteered. This one had a swimming pool, 150,000 - 200,000 Cedis and way over priced for rooms that obviously had their doors kicked in a few times. I do not like to see that a door jam has been kicked in; I think it is a precedent that says, we get robbery. The place was not secure enough for me, and they did not seem to want ignore me.

The Thanks Hotel, I did not enter the man just refused to say the price; he was too good at English to not know the price. I just do not have time for any Hotel that demands I look before they tell me the price. I consider it rude, obnoxious, and downright slimy to hide the price. Give me some transparency as the word is said, I do not book, observe or look until I hear the prices.

Who wants to stay with a bunch of zealots who actually think they can change cultures, who desire to change a culture, who take good earned money from silly people and have missions or Word Vision of something that is not specifically explained.

Ok, the NGO’s are more intriguing, have more complicated and hard to understand ideas. Speak intelligent, however cannot say clearly…
- I like women….-
More like, I appreciate feminine ways, want to share, and try to be sensitive to their needs, all of that to try to say or explain how they want to do something to someone.

I always get the feeling they want to take my money.

I have discovered a new prejudice in myself.
I do not like women in Big Dresses or Men Dressed in this Kente cloth, a big sheet trying to be something.

I always get the feeling as if I am around some sort of racist person who truly believe everyone is lower than they are. It is like the church goers here, they can really snub it in your face, I am Christian, look at me, I always get the feeling, the more holy or God worshipping a person deems to be, the more I should be careful.

Nothing on the planet is more dangerous than a person that says God is making him or her do it.

Can I be prejudice against clothing? Sure, I either can silently or openly tell people my thoughts, I do not care. I do not like anyone that tries to separate himself or herself.

Hmmm…. I wonder if I can be black, it would save many comments and hassles here, plus this silly movie star, think I am special, white worship that happens. They just do not see that a White person is the same as a black person.

The guard at the Hotel said,
- We have security… -

I keep thinking, from what, have people been reading too many books about crime, I think the White People need security, they drink too much, then do insanely stupid things, like drive around in cars. Nothing like painting a target on you, I am in a car, I am isolated, if you can be or keep me in this car, you could jump in the seat next to me, take a knife, point it in my stomach, take me out in the desert and have your way, whatever you want.

I have more equipment on me than most NGO are strong enough to carry, then needs a servant to carry… hehehe.

I will admit though, they are High Tech as a group, not individually, but they do normally have all the toys, Satellite Phones, Satellite Internet, all the big buck spend someone else money toys.

I walk around everywhere, hiding in plain sight; nobody with a lot of money on his back and FRONT would carry a computer, camera and many other toys into a hotel for 4 dollars.

I guess I should thank them too silly to believe persons who avoid the locals; they can be a target for robbery and not me. I always and continue to laugh about the United Nations vehicles in Iraq, they could be seen for mile away. No wonder they were bombed, the target was too tempting.

I am getting more and more positive; I cannot believe how many people in West Africa can say,
- Give me money. -

Isolated, out in the middle of nowhere, I think I am the world’s first white man to enter the area and some boy or MAN, will say
- Give me money. -

The worst form of cultural change on the planet (Trained by Volunteers, or people who feel guilty) for these people… ooops, after Bob Marley… He has done more harm, or his cult like followers, clueless, to me.

Give me money, I now just say, yes, give me money.
- Eat some vitamins and think about this comment…-

I do think you can buy a person by giving them money.

Akatsi to Aflao Ghana