Akatsi not Tove Ghana

Akatsi not Tove Ghana

I am in some smaller type city called Akatsi, I hope to spell correct, a few drums, a few wanna cell ECO crap, a little of this, all the signs are old, and many girls, hooked on black guys it seems city. I have not idea what is happening in this city, other than it has internet.

I got off about 15 minutes from a larger than normal bus, maybe mini-bus, bigger than a van that I took from Tema to Akatsi, I wanted to go to Tove, but too small, nothing there.

There were a couple of Hotels after the big water, or big river bridge, although all is more or less red clay very low on the totem pole houses, and then there is Akatsi. I am not sure about this place, I feel or sense someone has hung around in this place too long and made some tourist junk, the stuff I was trying to avoid. It could have been the Peace Corp; I have multiple accounts of Peace Corps helping on ECO crap and Hotels. There is natural tendency to get in business for Peace Corps persons after they figure out the lay of the land. Not the best idea, but they still do, they also get out of the Peace Corps with a saving set up for them, earned while they maybe worked.

Akatsi is nice, the people are nice, they are used to seeing me, the White man, however still curious. I think the local native language has changes. The girl in the hotel is too sweet for comfort, she is a doll, but I think she lied on her age form.

Ok, life is good, I have a large wastebasket full of water in my room for the showers, and I guess I drink it, but other do not.

Plastic Garbage, those 55 gallons babies make the best dip shower water holder, then a small plastic dipper, a big bowl. I am not sure; Africa seems confused on how to do the dip shower thing. Nevertheless, they do, in an awkward way. I am sad I missed a couple of brick made stone shower set ups in Apam, I saw a couple of girls showering, but I was not paparazzi enough to take pictures of girls showering, I looked though, and they did not lie on their age form.

Carrying water has become normal, the water is a central well, a big pump handle and collection process, although the plastic or aluminum holder are awkward. They need to look at the drawings in the bible and make some good hold on the hip, or on the head types. They spill water with the on the head types, as they just use big tubs. IfI was motivated I would find some of the proper types and put right here to show all of you, maybe next week… Hehehe

Akatsi not Tove Ghana