Akatsi Ghana Travel Plans

Akatsi Ghana Travel Plans
Akatsi Ghana
Sunday, August 27, 2006

I will leave Akatsi, pay about 10,000 Cedis or one dollars U.S. and go with a small van from here to the city of Aflao, Ghana, I think it is a city and sincerely hope it is a city. I am told it is about one hour, but time has little meaning, especially to a person that has never left their village in their whole life.

The TroTro drivers and helpers are not helpful, always wanting to know where I am going and trying to get me to take the stupid traveler options, like taking a taxi to the border. Information is always bad, however the good part is I can just go and I will arrive where I want to arrive, not difficult, just a little crazy on information. English is the official language, but this is not true, the in reality language is Fanti, the locals call it this, but that is the ethnic type, the language is called, hell, I do not know… hmm, not important, only the politically correct call it by the right name and those that like to read the guidebooks. The language is Fanty of Fancy or Fanti, something like that, I always here Fancy.

I will go live in Aflao, smell the border, it is warned in my guidebook to not to anywhere in the border, my favorite type of place. If the guide complains, I most generally go there.

Lome, Togo the big city in the country is across the border today is Sunday, this Christian country on the coast does not work on Sunday, they do not work much on any day, but on Sunday, they come to a stop, I will not try to travel or cross a border when nobody is working.

Money is my bigger problem, I am lacking about 30 U.S. dollars in Cedis and this city is bleak on money exchange. I am thinking about just offering the hotel 10 U.S. dollars and saying deal with it, or I leave for Aflao where I can exchange money. I think the Black Cat, a great family place is nice, but it is still completely empty. Last night was Saturday, I did not even see boom boom couples, one in the afternoon, but then again Sunday is sort of drink night in Ghana.

I have way too much Togo money and enough Euros to buy a new computer; they are just an insurance clause in my contract and not meant to be used. If possible, I 90 percent of the time pull money from the ATM as the local money. I trust a bank machine 50 times more than any type of human contact, I only exchange small amounts of money at borders, airports and such, just enough to get me to an ATM machine or the hotel for the night. Big money exchanges are inherently dangerous, I think travelers checks are a 100 percent waste of time in this world, unless maybe you are a smuggler or a person hiding thousands of dollars. Or you need to carry over 2000 U.S. dollars to purchase, but the cost of 10-15 percent, I am not sure is another gouge on money. The 10 percent to sent money to myself with Western Union now enables me to get large amounts of money about anywhere on the planet.

Western Unions, funny, a person is afraid to come to Africa, yet Western Union goes and sells money. Nescafe sells coffee, Snickers and Pringle are distributed. But the average traveler is worried; something is amiss in the brains. But tourist and travelers are not adventures they are on vacation.

A wine company was a sponsor of the Religious show…

Akatsi Ghana Travel Plans