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Akatsi Ghana Hotel

2006-08-26 06:23:00

Akatsi Ghana Hotel

I thought I would go to Tome, ended up in the next bigger city of Akatsi, it seems invaded by something, not sure, but a few White people. Has internet on the near stop level, but ok.

I went to some Perfect Hotel and it was so far from the city, I left and walked back. Too crazy, unless I want to drink in their entertainment center, or I do not like the locals, then perfect. I went back to the city, now found a friendly Hotel called the Black Cat, the water is missing, but Charity the one girl that works there is sweet. Plus there is a neighborhood, I think better located if I want to see the culture of Ghana. I think there is about 5 hotels here, but hard to suss out, the taxis are only saying two...

I will NOt have internet maybe for a few days, after that, who knows when I land in Togo.

The city is loud, has a chubby girl convention going on, and men dressed in sheets. Maybe it is the Kente cloth, but looks machine made to me...

This is Saturdays, I think the Perfect whatever with the large entertainment center would have been miserable, although the room was very nice.

IT is a choice, do you have a car or do you not?
There is not taxis to return, or I would have maybe got a room.

Black Cat is meager, I have a great room, 100,000 Cedi, I think she would have negotiated.

Not my idea of Ghana typical culture here, but it is better than Tema.