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Africa Instinctual Perceptions

Africa Instinctual Perceptions
Shama Ghana
Thursday, August 17, 2006

I try to figure out or analyze how I make decisions, at best I call it fuzzy logic, somehow taking a bunch of fuzzy situations and clustering them, then deriving a decision where there is no clean, clear decision.

FUZZY LOGIC - I stole from somewhere I read.
- Fuzzy Logic, in computer science, a form of logic used in some expert systems and other artificial-intelligence applications in which variables can have degrees of truthfulness or falsehood represented by a range of values between 1 (true) and 0 (false). With fuzzy logic, the outcome of an operation can be expressed as a probability rather than as a certainty. For example, in addition to being either true or false, an outcome might have such meanings as probably true, possibly true, possibly false, and probably false. - (2)

This is painful for many people, they want one or zero, not maybe situations, they grab on to yes, when the answer is maybe. This can be extremely dangerous as a person headlong commits to yes, they said yes, they cannot turn away from yes, and become no, it is not maybe, the continually move in a maybe and if the situation changes turn to no. I take off to travel today to Cape Coast, if there is a problem, I downsize the option and go to Elmina, I have secondary options, and it is even possible to completely return to Shama. The over-zealous from the Elubo to Cape Coast, leaving at 2:00 in the afternoon as recommended by an American Missionary from Kansas was just a big zero, he said no to any dangers, go straight for tourist zone Cape Coast and avoid danger; however, he radically would increase his chance or my chances if I took this advice. Sounds good, go for a safe city, but I only go to safe city along or with a safe travel plan. Arriving in a new country in a new city after about 10 hours of travel is extremely dangerous; however, he does not even see the train coming, so there is no danger for him. If you cannot see it, does not mean it not there, however until they are hit by the train they will continual to feel safe.

The numbers of times I have had trouble with crime, theft, or whatever is so minimal it is not even a factor in my travels. I worry about forgetting something; this is a bigger real problem. However, I make obviously good decision, the longer I travel without having my whole backpack robbed or the computer, camera or big anything, the more proof is in the pudding.

I trust my instincts, I do not override them, and I obey them before I obey my too logical dangerous thinking brain. It is raining, I am running out of books, I may as well type and talk to myself.

Africa Instinctual Perceptions