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Adapting to Takoradi Ghana

Adapting to Takoradi Ghana
Friday, August 11, 2006

It is maybe my third night coming up in Ghana and I am not sure about Ghana, I feel I left a warmer friendlier country of Cote d-Voire, not I am in a hot and cold country. Sometimes they can be friendly and helpful, fun if they do not speak English, however mostly I get indifferent.

There is a sign next to the Amenla Hotel where I am not staying that is advertising to sell Mosquito Nets. I found this attractive girl way back in the mess of room that had this very well packaged in plastic, made in Denmark, treated mosquito net. The materials were great, soft and not the touch hard type, she only has Queen, I do not need huge, and I want double or single.

However, I said to her,
- I am interested in buying many, maybe 500, but they need to be made in Ghana or Africa. -
The brother comes in and she and he say incredulously,
- We cannot make mosquito nets in Ghana. -
- We do not have the machines. -

I went around, trying to explain about Niger people getting weak because of malnutrition, and then dying because of a simple Malaria problem, the Mosquito Nets are needed there.

She, the girl upon learning I was finally not going to buy here mosquito nets made in Denmark, overpriced at 50,000 on a world market, suddenly turn rock cold.

I understood, turned around and walked out, I understand selfishness and greed, she has no desire to help unless she benefits selfishly. I see some outrageous levels of selfish behavior here, not any different from the rest of the planet in many ways, however, normally people feel a little big like helping their own people, even in a greedy way.

I said to her when talking,
- Ghana can make Mosquito Nets. -
The girls and her brother’s eyes, acted, said, or thought we cannot do this. A Mosquito Net is low tech, sewing once you have the materials. I could make one, not a feat of brainpower.

The boy said,
- We grow the Cocao here, but send to other countries to process. -
I said,
- In the future, I hope Ghana makes expensive chocolate and ship to the world. -
I see no glimmer of possibility in his eyes, I am not talking to some street bums, and I am talking with a couple very educated youth of around 22, what is wrong with them.

I am amiss to understand, unlimited possibilities for business in these countries and refusal to try. This is maybe why I read,
- Third World Photos Shop -
On a sign, I thought, what an insult to yourself, to call yourself Third World is like saying, I am poor, not up to grade. In French terms, it is even worst.

I think there is so much opportunity in countries like Ghana and Cote d-Voire, Niger, or any normal country where the daily labor is less than 10 dollars per day. It is small planet now, 100 possible to make something cheap here and export anywhere.

Many of these governments have a stranglehold on business, by way of Tariffs, greedy bribe systems and other governmental ways to line their pockets. There is always smuggling… hehehe.

Adapting to Takoradi Ghana