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Takoradi, Ghana
Sunday, August 13, 2006

Calling me a Gringo, as in Central and South America does not bother me.

Calling me a Farang like in Thailand does not bother me.

Calling me Abroni does not bother me.

Calling me White Man makes me angry.

My gut reaction is to say,
- Hey, Black Man -
Back to them and keep walking, instead I keep walking, not a good idea to pay attention when people are whistling or calling or commenting, it encourages them and they never stop. Enables them to do what they want, they want my attention, normally to sell me something. I pick who I go and talk with, it is not chosen by them, although they hive me the high sign before I talk with them.

Why do I get angry when the call me White Man?

I think the reason is my instant lack of trust for Black People in the USA is suddenly remembered when they talk to me in such good English. The brazen comment is not an insult, I have been insult in Elubo, Ghana by a man using the term White Man, however normally it is not, but I would say 90 percent just calling me Gringo in their way. 10 percent a little of an insult or separation, belittling and condescending.

In the USA sadly, if a Black Person was to holler at me, it is not a good thing, it could be them trying to provoke or be disrespectful. Therefore, a sudden comment in English puts me back feeling and thinking in my cultural world and not the world I really am in. Ghana is copying the USA at a very fast pace, I suspect they are copying the angry Rap Music and the angry music in general, disrespect of the law, the world, and anyone. A bragging that to be tough is good, an alpha male, good way to get put in position mode in my view, but nonetheless a problem child.

Respect is natural, not a problem in the world, learning how to be angry and disrespectful is learned when a culture tolerates it. In the past, racist comments at blacks was tolerated, then in a way encourages, fortunately this is ended and almost totally faded away in the USA. However, the black making comments against the whites are growing, not decreasing.

I am always amazed to listen to Europeans say comments about the Israeli people; it would never be tolerated in the USA.

Racism is not logical, it is learned, and taught. However, leaning when another person is being disrespectful is also learned, and I suppose can be taught. Danger avoidance when traveling is about knowing where or what level of acceptance or tolerance they have for me or people around them. I have seen zero police, there is no law to protect me, if it exists, and it will come after a problem happens, not while.

I suppose it gets towards a more tribal mentality when traveling the world, I do not like the word tribal because people think they dress up feathers and such, the planet does not dress that much different. Far East maybe a little more like pajamas in places, but for the most part no, especially the men, they usually are pretty much the same.

It is wonderful to be in West Africa with many Black people that treat me with respect… To respect a person that does NOT treat people with respect is to say, yes, this is good, enabling of the worst behavior on the planet. Disrespectful people have no place in my world, to totally hate me is ok, and to disrespect me is not safe.