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Abroni White Man

Abroni White Man
Takoradi, Ghana
Sunday, August 13, 2006

I am called names, I recognize when they say,
- White Man, -
In English, as it is the official Language of Ghana, however I sussed out another name they call me last night, it is
- Abroni - of White man

In the language of the Fante people, now that sounds tribal, and that sounds mythical and African, but it is not that simple. In Guatemala, they have good clear tribal differences, the tops and shirts of the women will be different, the men are more difficult to separate.

I may be able to tell the different between Islamic and not-Islamic here, probably Christian, but I cannot see a simple separation or difference between Ethnic groups, maybe, I can say tribe, not a good word in my mind.

All the people in Tokoradi, Ghana more or less look the same, dress the same, and act the same. You have rich, poor, black, less black, high forehead, lowers, short hair is often the fashion, or the mesh braids. I have not seen dreads, which is fine with me…

I learned the word Abroni last night while playing with a small girl in the street that was bound and determined to hug my hand. It was lights out and was walking to the fried rice stand down the street to say hello to Apha and buy some rice for 50 Cents U.S. Walking to the rice stand, I ran into the child who ran and grabbed me, and then the mother grabbed my hand. All, said hello, then upon returning with me eating the rice out of Styrofoam Box, plastic spoon, rubber banded and a napkin set up, I saw the little girl again. The electricity was off, there was no reason to enter the hotel, and it was pitch dark, only the cars driving by gave enough light to be alive.

I asked if I could sit on the end of the bench with some women, the little girls was playing vigorously, calling me, saying things, about half and half, some English and some other. She finally said as if she was saying my name.
- Abroni -

I asked,
- What does that mean? -
The older person replies,
- White Man. -

Ok, Great, I am happy, I take out a piece of paper and pen and start to write it down, she helps, grabs the paper and writes it for me. Which is very good, I have no found that many people that can write abstract words, or ideas. They only will write maybe what is easy or simple, to sit and write Abroni, White men in the Fante language is different. She did put men and not man, I check a few times. Interesting, I wonder if she thinks in plural and not singular of white man.

I have copied and posted two in interesting concepts on this language of the Fante people. The Encyclopedia Encarta describes the Fante as the Ethnic group, not the name of the language, however there is no Fante language shown below. Nobody seems to understand the name of their language, or when I ask in English, what language are you speaking, I get no answers.


Fante or Fanti,
African people inhabiting the territory of the former native African kingdom of Fante. The Fante are anthropologically and linguistically related to the Ashanti. The territory of the former kingdom, which forms a part of Ghana, covers approximately 52,000 sq km (about 20,000 sq mi) and extends about 145 km (about 90 mi) along the coast. The Fante were once the most numerous and powerful people on the Gold Coast. Their kingdom began to decline at the start of the 19th century, after repeated invasions by the Ashanti, a powerful tribe from the north. A relatively high level of tribal government among the Fante is indicated by the institution of the “stool”—the investment or dethronement (destooling) of the king or paramount chief by the tribal elders.

Ethnic Divisions
Adangbe, Akuapem, Akyem, Ashanti, Bono, Dagomba, Ewe, Fante, Ga, Gonja, Kwahu, Mamprusi, Nzima, and others

English (official), Akan, Nzima, Dagbane, Ga, Ewe, other African languages

Abroni White Man