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Aboisso to Noe Ivory Coast

2006-08-12 04:05:00

Aboisso to Noe Ivory Coast
Aboisso Cote d-Voire - Ivory Coast
Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I will take a station wagon taxi I think today to Noe, on the border of Ivory Coast and Ghana. It is not in my guidebook, it was in a post on Very annoying to me when border towns on both sides are not in a guidebook as I consider the guidebook dangerous. Africa is known for corruption, what if I bounce of the border, or do not wish to cross for some safety reason. It looks like the border is holding up single travelers. I would stop, get a hotel, then try to find a big bus that cross from Ivory Coast and travels with the SAME bus into Ghana. There is a bus like this, I believe that I could have rode or taken that sold tickets at the Ghana Embassy in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. This is the guaranteed way to get across a border with the least amount of problems. This is what I will do now, I will go stay in Noe for a couple of days, try to contract a bus or car taxi that will go from Noe to somewhere inside of Ghana with the same vehicle. The driver is compelled to get me across the border and assist in the nuances of border crossings.

I am hoping, however not much for internet in Noe.

Aboisso to Noe Ivory Coast