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Aboisso Laundry Day

2006-08-12 04:06:00

Aboisso Laundry Day
Aboisso Ivory Coast - Cote d'Voire
Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I have been doing my laundry in my room since I arrived in Ivory Coast, I have not been offered and I have not found a way to get laundry done. I am in a typical type hotel here in Aboisso and not a TOURIST Fare hotel, so I asked the manager, maybe owner to do my laundry. He was prompt, would not say the price, told me - Apres - I was amicable, second time here, I think he will be fair.

However, it seems to be good place to stop at the Bemosso Hotel in Aboisso, the price of the hotel is the first reasonably priced Hotel I have encountered at 2500 CFA per night. The normal prices are 10 to 15,000 and the 15,000 CFA is the easy to find. !5,000 CFA is 30 USA and about 25 more than the world-compared values should dictate.

He did the laundry for Free in Bemosso Hotel in Aboisso. I do not think people travel like me...

Aboisso Laundry Day